Digital Life: Credit Risk Assessment Goes Digital

November 16, 2017.


With economic turbulence that slacks money lending markets and degrades borrowers’ financial capacity and credit history, it's obvious that banks need to raise the efficiency of potential borrower checks at early stages. And here a simple check of questionnaires and data from a credit history bureau will not be enough. This is why digital tools step in to help analyze and consolidate borrower details at not only greater speed but with scrutiny, thus ultimately mitigating the risks of the entire lending process.

Moreover, credit risk management becomes one of the core factors to win creditworthy customers and thus survive in the competitive battle.

How to support your bank's product and digital teams in market expansion without losing the speed and quality of credit risk assessment? Can digital transformation help banks increase their risk appetite without pain? Should the bank's IT organization treat the credit risk department as a single customer accumulating both front and back office needs?

All these and other questions will be covered by risk analysis and management executives from leading banks at the round table discussion keynoted as Digital Life: Credit Risk Assessment Goes Digital. The attendees will also share the lessons learnt in the field of risk management innovation and technology and speak about nation-wide bank regulations.

Target audience

  • Director for Strategic Development
  • Risk Management Director
  • Head of Operational Risks
  • Head of Credit Risk Analysis
  • Head of Bond Market Operations
  • Head of Financial Market Research
  • Head of Risk Integration
  • Bank Risk Director
  • Vice-President, Risk Management Director
  • Director for Risk Processes
  • Head of Risk Department
  • Head of Risk Technology Department


09:30 — 10:00

Registration of attendees. Welcome coffee

10:00 — 12:00

Round table. Digital Life: Credit Risk Assessment Goes Digital

Points for discussion

  1. How to improve the efficiency of lending decisions?
    • How do new scoring types, such as psychological and voice scoring, geo analytics and other, work and contribute to more effective lending decisions?
    • Can lending decisions be totally automatic?
    • Real-time review of loan applications. What are the first results?
  2. Need for speed or how to know your customers, using less data?
    • Integration with government data sources
    • Remote client identification, biometrics
    • Predictive analytics of borrower’s creditworthiness
  3. Remote lending. Opportunities, risks, technology maturity
  4. Combating bank fraud and remote banking risks
  5. Which risk management business processes need technology transformation first?

12:00 — 12:30

Closing, informal discussions


Alexey Maklakov

Touch Bank

Digital Director

Yaroslav Polischuk

B&N Bank

Director of Retail Lending Risks Department

Dmitry Sergienko

Rosgosstrakh Bank

Head of Retail Lending Risk Management, Risk Management Department

Roman Litvinov


Deputy CRO

Sergey Kapustin

OTP Bank

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Sergey Gmyzin


Deputy Head of Retail Risks