IT Leader Prize 2018


IT Leader is a series of events drawing attention to companies and CIOs that effectively improved their processes and contributed to improving the quality of life of Russian citizens through the use of IT.

One of the key IT awards in Russia, the Annual National IT Leader Prize has been awarded during the last 16 years to more than a thousand top managers of major Russian companies in various industries, who directly contributed to the promotion of innovative information technology in the country.

Key selection criteria for IT Leader Prize winners include organization's focus on efficiency and sustainability improvement, project scale and media coverage, outstanding achievements, and unique personal and professional characteristics of CIOs. The Expert Council evaluates the personal contribution of a top manager to the development of his/her company, industry, the country at large, and Russia's integration into the global community.

In 2017, large organizations completed more process digitalization projects than ever before, and therefore this year's IT Leader launches a new Digital Superstar special category as an opportunity for companies to draw the attention of organizers and the general public to their digitalization achievements. Applications to participate in the Digital Superstar special category can be submitted by contestants themselves on March 1-27, 2018, via the IT Leader website.