Winning Digital Strategies

31 october 2017


The modern world is moving very fast, with previous year trends being not a hype anymore or having a new development vector. Ever-changing consumer demand makes businesses change the game rules and adapt to digital reality.

All leading companies are striving to be customer-focused and provide continuous availability to consumers anywhere, anytime —an endeavor requiring cutting-edge online technology that makes the world go digital today.

This is why major corporations are starting their journey towards digitalization. During a series of Business Digitalization events, representatives of banks, retailers, health clinics, aggregators, online service providers, logistics and transportation companies will share and discuss success stories and the main innovation driving trends.

Key topics for discussion:

  • Success stories of B2C digitalization: expectations vs. reality
  • How to win new and former customers via online services?
  • New consumer loyalty
  • How to avoid technology pitfalls?
  • What do executives need to know about business continuity in a digital era?
  • New opportunities for boosting corporate efficiency and regional expansion

Target audience

Top managers being in charge of B2C business development and digitalization: CEOs, CFOs, commercial, technical, digital, innovation, new product development, retail, production and business development directors; representatives of investment and consulting firms, associations, and mass media; as well as analysts and experts.


10:00 — 11:15

Part 1. Digitalization of banking products and customer relationship approaches

Points for discussion

  • Omnichannel service: creation, challenges, and benefits
  • Collecting information from various sources to expand customer profiles
  • Individual 'tuning'. Customized offers
  • Real-time marketing. Offer generating and processing exactly where and when it is required

11:15 — 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 — 12:30

Part 2. Digital banking channels: main challenges, solutions, and opportunities

Points for discussion

  • Retail banking digitalization at the heart of today's customer-oriented approach
  • Remote product development and promotion. Vision of the future
  • Making remote transactions more secure. Biometrics adoption

12:30 — 13:00

Closing, coffee, and networking