Forum Agenda

10:00 — 11:15

Part 1. Digitalization of banking products and customer relationship approaches

Points for discussion

  • Omnichannel service: creation, challenges, and benefits
  • Collecting information from various sources to expand customer profiles
  • Individual 'tuning'. Customized offers
  • Real-time marketing. Offer generating and processing exactly where and when it is required

11:15 — 11:30

Coffee break

11:30 — 12:30

Part 2. Digital banking channels: main challenges, solutions, and opportunities

Points for discussion

  • Retail banking digitalization at the heart of today's customer-oriented approach
  • Remote product development and promotion. Vision of the future
  • Making remote transactions more secure. Biometrics adoption

12:30 — 13:00

Closing, coffee, and networking