IT Leader 2007 Business Trip to Vietnam

23 May 2007

May 19-23, 2007: The IT Leader Business Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam for approximately 150 people (IT directors of the largest businesses and government authorities, representatives of industry-specific and business mass media, global IT vendors, and industry experts) was held among the participants of the Fifth National IT Leader Prize.

The event included the roundtable, "Business and IT: A New Alignment Level," featuring two Panel Sessions: "Business Process Automation: The CIO's New Challenge" and "Translation of Growing Business Demands into IT Projects: Project Portfolio Management in the Context of Limited Resources." Both discussions aroused vivid interest and support in the audience. Representatives from Alfa Bank, Russian Bank of Development, AlfaStrakhovanie Group, KAMAZ Corporation, and Akonit were experts at the roundtable.

IT Leader 2007 Business Trip to Vietnam

"No business is limited to the sales department. The implementation of a solution that has an influence on the entire company requires the close cooperation of all departments," said Andrey Pedorenko, CIO, AlfaStrakhovanie Group. "We have implemented a large project on the integration of multiple enterprise systems. During the implementation, communicational and psychological issues turned out to be more important than technical ones. Today the project’s success depends largely on the support of department directors and senior management. This is why the CIO's charisma and authority are so important."

"It is crucial that the CIO takes a proactive approach to project prioritizing, explains the difficulty of fulfilling all the tasks at once in the context of limited time, financial, and IT resources, gets support from senior management, and establishes IT project initiation procedures. Since August 2001, Alfa-Bank has been operating its own IT Executive Committee. The Committee operates on a regular basis: it prioritizes IT projects in compliance with the business strategy, analyzes previous activities and current projects status," said Andrey Sokolov, Deputy IT Director, Alfa-Bank.

Olga Filatova, Publisher of Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, summarized the results of the IT Leader Business Trip: "For the organizers, the business trip is an excellent platform to exchange experiences and have free discussions. I'm very pleased that for the last five years the IT Leader Prize has attracted almost every representative of the Russian IT industry, and Spring Business Trips have become a real 'business club' for IT industry professionals."

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