IT Leader is a series of events devoted to organizations and CIOs who have directly contributed to the promotion of innovative information technology which increases business performance and spurs development within Russia.

In 2017, large organizations completed more process digitalization projects than ever before, and therefore this year's IT Leader launches a new Digital Superstar special category as an opportunity for companies to draw the attention of organizers and the general public to their digitalization achievements. Applications to participate in the Digital Superstar special category can be submitted by contestants themselves on March 1-27, 2018, via the IT Leader website.


Draw attention to organizations and persons who exert powerful influence on development of information technology in Russia
Inspire people to drive and encourage activities contributing to Russia's prosperity
Encourage integration of innovative and economic Russian achievements into the global economy


Stimulate and support innovative trends in the key segments of the Russian economy
Assist the prize winners in continuing their professional, personal and public success
Ensure positive coverage of these organizations and persons in leading Russian mass media
Identify organizations and persons who achieved the best results in the information technology advancement in Russia during the year


Nominees should demonstrate systematic approach to IT, socially-important projects, media coverage of their IT implementations, and geographically-distributed structure of their business. The Expert Council members—comprising heads of Russian representative offices of leading global IT vendors, representatives of reputable mass media outlets, and directors of leading consulting companies—select those who will compete for the prize.

Any number of nominees is allowed; however, if the Expert Council believes none of them deserves the prize in any particular category, it may exclude the category from the year’s awards list.

Key selection criteria for IT Leader Prize winners include organization innovativeness, outstanding CIO IT achievement, and unique personal and professional characteristics. The Expert Council evaluates the personal contribution of a CIO to the development of his/her company, industry, the country at large, and Russia's integration into the global community.