Forum 2013

IT Leader Forum

Steve Wozniak

The 10th annual IT Leader Forum was held on October 10, 2013 in Moscow at Digital October Center.

IT as a Source of Inspiration during Economic Uncertainty.

Economic instability raises new challenges for IT directors.

  • How to recharge your optimism when investment plans are becoming more and more modest?

  • Where to regain strength for a head start despite shrinking IT budgets and resistance to innovation?

  • How to improve performance when the market is short on professionals and 'generation Y' requires new types of motivation?

The answers to these questions were given at the IT Leader Forum, which had a talk show format.

The VIP guest of the forum was Steve Wozniak, an outstanding engineer, IT developer and Apple co-founder. The event was moderated by Michael Berger, Director General of RUMEDIA holding (Business FM radio and portal). He discussed with Steve Wozniak the ways of driving creativity and fostering entrepreneurial spirit in corporate culture and IT environment.

The IT Leader Forum gave an overview of success stories which occurred thanks to out-of-the-box thinking by managers. In addition, business leaders with first-hand experience of launching and developing businesses during the crisis talked about how IT inspired them in 1998 and 2008. Furthermore, they also spoke about whether they believed that private clouds, big data, outsourcing or gamification could help to boost efficiency.

The challenges of strategic innovation management was another discussion point: To deploy or not to deploy? If yes, how? Answers were given by IT industry pioneers.

The IT Leader Forum is a landmark event in Russia which has been held since 2004 and is attended by over 300 executives and IT Directors from Russian and international companies.