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09:00-10:00 Registration, welcome coffee

Discussion 1. Revolution in competition. IoT as a tool to fight for customers

Discussion topics

  • IoT in the B2C market: development prospects. IT infrastructure readiness for IoT adoption
  • Customer-centric IoT technologies. What are Russian companies implementing now?
  • Revenue opportunities enabled by IoT
  • Industry-specific IoT features.Competitive advantage with new IoT-based services
  • What will be the consequences of adopting this new technology by companies? What can impede the successful adoption?
  • Security as the reverse side of the fight for customers
11:30-12:00 Coffee break


Discussion 2. IoT for manufacturing: complete transformation or smart add-on? 

Discussion topics:

  • IoT development prospects in manufacturing and public sectors
  • IoT in Russia roadmap
  • IoT as the basis for new industrial revolution. Companies experience
  • Smart agriculture. Quality control and cost reduction.
  • IoT for municipal authorities and public utilities
  • Which personnel competences will be in demand in the new digital reality?
  • Cyber Security in manufacturing