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Boris Bobrovnikov


Founder, owner, and Director General of JSC (ZAO) CROC incorporated (since 1992). Boris was ranked among the top 3 IT industry executives according to the Executives Rating 2015 by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant publishing house and has been listed in the rating since 2006. In addition, he is also a Board Member of the Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (AP KIT) and the ASTRA Outsourcers Association.
Previously, Boris was ranked one of the Top 100 Persons of Russia's IT Industry by the Sekret Firmy Magazine, one of the Top 30 Russian IT Company Executives by Career Magazine, and one of the most reputable IT executives in Russia by CRN Magazine. Furthermore, in February 2009, he was recognized among the top 100 of the Russian President's pool of senior executive personnel.
Boris has been successfully running CROC for over 24 years and has turned the company into an IT industry leader.