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Viktor Polyakov


Viktor Polyakov is Director of Tibbo Systems, a leading IoT software developer. Upon graduation from Tver State Technical University (TSTU) with a Diploma in Technological Process Automation in 2002, Viktor joined Tibbo and launched AggreGate, an IoT integration platform, which was first called 'device management framework', 'M2M platform', and then 'IoT platform'.

Over the course of his education in TSTU and on-the-job training in PSA Peugeot-Citroen (France), Viktor gained experience in industrial automation, while during his first years at Tibbo he also worked at the network management center of TeleNET regional telecom provider.

Today, Viktor plays a key role in AggreGate development, contributing to architecture design and establishing partner relations with Russian and foreign systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers engaged in IT infrastructure management, automation of manufacturing and data centers, transport monitoring, and other IoT-related sectors.