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Nikolay Uskov to Reveal Internet of Things Business Value

22 September 2016
Nikolay Uskov, an Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Magazine, will moderate the IT Leader Forum 2016, which will cover one of the most thrilling IT topics of today - Internet of Things (IoT) - and will be held on October 18, 2016, at the International Multimedia Press Center of Russia Today International Information Agency (RIA Novosti).

Despite multiple talks on the reality of todays digital age, which seems to be so distant and vague for many people, business people still do not know what they should do to benefit from IoT technology. To find the answer, over 300 leaders, top managers from Russian and foreign companies, and IT market experts will attend the forum on October 18.

"Today, market players have begun to realize that their competitive edge depends on the prompt use of technology. The Internet of Things phenomenon seems to provide unlimited opportunities, delivering not just sensor-powered and remotely controlled smart sites, but also introducing a totally new approach to corporate management. I am confident that real-life case studies and the experience of leading experts from various industries will help us better understand how to start leveraging Internet of Things technology in order to boost income. Leading managers and business people attending the event will especially benefit from the focus on practical issues," said Nikolay Uskov.

During the discussion on how to use IoT technology to increase customer base, representatives of banks, telecom companies and retailers will share experiences of real-life IoT implementations and their vision on how to apply this technology in their economic segments, including opportunities for IoT monetization, winning new markets, and expanding business boundaries. In addition, they will also discuss how to prepare enterprise IT infrastructure for implementing technologies of the future.

As part of the 'IoT for Manufacturing: Complete Transformation or Smart Add-on?' session, attendees will discuss an IoT roadmap for Russia and the key personnel competences which are required in the new digital world.
A detailed agenda of the IT Leader Forum is available at the special Forum page.


Alexandra Krishtopa, PR Manager at the IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee, email:, tel.: +7495-514-06-02.

About the IT Leader Forum

The IT Leader Forum is a landmark event in Russia which has been held since 2002 and is attended annually by over 300 executives and IT directors from Russian and international companies. Last year, presentations were delivered by top managers from Yota, Enter Svyaznoy, Moscow United Electric Grid Company, URALSIB Bank, Sberbank of Russia, etc. In the past, IT Leader Forum special guests included: Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder; Thomas Frey, Executive Director and Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute; Peter Hinssen, co-founder of Across Group and CEO of Across Technology; and Josep Curto, CEO at Delfos Research and professor at IE Business School Madrid.

About Forbes

Forbes is one of the most readable and renowned economical print media publications in the world, having gained its reputation for excellence in new business and investment ideas, unbiased event assessment, and the publishing of a variety of lists and rankings. In line with its 'The Capitalist Tool' motto, Forbes continues to provide guidance to a huge number of people in the world of business.

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