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The eighth IT Leader Forum will be held on October 5th 2011

July 5, 2011

The eighth IT Leader Forum will be held on October 5th 2011 at Digital October Center, Moscow, Russia. Key theme of forum is 'Finding Hidden Opportunities for Business Growth and Retaining Efficiency Gains'.

Thanks to the use of innovative technology, during the crisis many companies not only reduced costs but also improved efficiency. Today, the economic situation has stabilized and many companies have returned to their pre-crisis development strategies. How can businesses retain the efficiencies gained during the financial crisis and use information technology to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the race for market leadership? During the IT Leader Forum you will learn about key trends and best practices for finding business growth opportunities.

The IT Leader Forum will be held in a talk show format based on three consecutive discussion sessions with Russian and international IT and corporate governance experts. During the discussion sessions, attendees will learn about the possibilities of real-time business management, IT solutions that offer efficient customer interaction and how to retain the increases in efficiency realized during the recession.

Organizers of the IT Leader Forum are the Russian Managers Association, Itogi, CIO, and Intelligent Enterprise Magazines and CROC.

Key theme of the forum: Finding Hidden Opportunities for Business Growth and Retaining Efficiency Gains

Discussion Session One: Real-time business management

Issues to consider:

  • Decision-making support: Control centers, BI and enterprise planning systems.
  • Mobile technology for dynamic business.
  • Using collected information to discover new business opportunities.

Discussion Session Two: Attracting clients in an increasingly competitive environment

Issues to consider:

  • CRM – not as easy as it seems: How to expand capabilities.
  • Analyzing customer behavior: How to anticipate customer needs with IT.
  • Online 24/7: all centers, mobile technology, online client accounts and service pages.

Discussion Session Three: Business growth in a cash flow deficit environment

Issues to consider:

  • How to reduce business process maintenance expenses and yet improve reliability and security.
  • New IT budget optimization approaches: Clouds and on demand services.
  • Smart financing: How to find financial instruments in a cash flow deficit environment.

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