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Ten-Year Leadership

April 24, 2012

The tenth IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony was held in Moscow. The winners received awards at the Et Cetera Theater in 20 regular and 5 special nomination categories for the largest and the most socially important IT projects implemented in 2011. The Award Ceremony guests included CIOs of Russian and foreign companies, directors of global IT vendor branches in Russia, industrial and business mass media, celebrities and media persons.

The winners in regular nomination categories are the Moscow Government, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post, AccountsChamber of the Russian Federation, Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, Higher School of Economics, VTB, NOMOS-BANK, Rosbank, AlfaStrakhovanie Group, United Metallurgical Company, Gazprom Neft, Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, SOLLERS, Tele2, REN TV Media Holding, Sheremetievo International Airport, X5 Retail Group N.V., Razgulay Group, and Protek Group. The winners in special nomination categories are the Moscow Government, Euroset, Home Credit and Finance Bank, Bashneft, and Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK).

"Over the IT Leader Prize ten-year history, we’ve awarded the Prize to 264 IT leaders and hosted approximately 5,000 guests. All these years, the IT Leader Prize has been the only award in the industry. People write us about their achievements, they want to win the prize which is very popular among IT managers. The IT Leader Prize is an opportunity to highlight major projects and reach out to those who are outside of the IT industry. Thus, it contributes to openness of the Russian information community," Sergey Makedonsky, Chairman of IT Leader Prize Expert Council, says.

The event venue is in harmony with the concept: theater as a starting point for photography, cinema and other arts, both existing and those that will emerge in the future. Interior design of the theater with classic and high-tech elements proves that the combination of experience and innovation produces great results.

One of the ceremony highlights was the show by Katsumi Sakakura, a Japanese dancer and choreographer. Thanks to state-of-the-art computer technology, the real and virtual worlds melt together in his dance performance which combines choreography, music and video. The ceremony ended with QuintElle musical performance.

Vladimir Pasynkov, IT Department Director at Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, the winner in Power Industry Enterprises nomination category: "The IT projects recognized by the prize are part of our enterprise IT platform transformation program which has been underway since 2009. Its results are impressive: over 46,000 of our employees used IT systems by the end of 2011. A unified industry electronic document management system was created, SAP based ERP systems were implemented at 6 major enterprises as well as unified data network, information security system, etc. These innovations not only develop our corporation, but also help to cut costs. For example, implementation of the electronic document management system saved 172 million rubles in 2011 at the central office alone."

Andrey Pedorenko, IT Department Director at AlfaStrakhovanie Group, the winner in Insurance Companies nomination category: "Responsiveness and service quality are critical success factors for insurance companies. Both factors require competent implementation of IT systems, therefore it is a must for us to be among the IT leaders. We do our best to be in trend. For example, in 2011 we completed a unique project on damages settlement automation for automobile insurance which enables the use of unified client service standards and improves employee performance."

Alexey Evtushenko, IT Director at Home Credit and Finance Bank, the winner in special nomination category: "Our bank is among the Top 10 banks in terms of regional coverage and has over 1,200 branch offices in 7 federal districts. The bank’s growth increases requirements for IT infrastructure; therefore we pay close attention to improving IT system reliability and management. For example, last year we launched IT infrastructure and application monitoring system and implemented automated support system for those who use IT, HR, and Corporate University services. As a result, it became easier to fulfill daily tasks; employees improved their performance, which means improved efficiency for the whole company."

Sergey Kiryushin, Deputy Director General of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post, the winner in Improvement in Social and Cultural Life nomination category: "Every year Russian Post accepts, delivers and processes over 1.5 billion letters, 48 million postal parcels, and 113 million money transfer operations. Technology helps us do it in a prompt and high-quality manner and so keep pace with the time. In 2011 Russian Post developed the strategy of transformation to a modern high-tech company, and we prepare certain projects for business process automation and general improvement of IT infrastructure."

Olga Mordkovich, IT Director of Tele2, the winner in Cellular Carriers nomination category: "There is tough competition in our segment; therefore, we seek for fresh ideas and do not hesitate to try something new. Innovative technology helps our company retain its market position and continue performing as an advanced carrier with European business approach."

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