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Annual IT Leader Forum will be held on October 9, 2012

September 6, 2012

Key topic of the IT Leader Forum is "Global Industry Leaders' Vision of the Future".

Now information technology is everywhere. It defines the maturity of entire institutions, industries, and nations. Indeed, IT shapes the future. According to futurologists, the future IT evolution will lead to extinction of more than a half of existing professions by 2030. Market leaders are actively analyzing forecasts by influential trend setters and are looking for new competitive advantages to get fully prepared for the future.

The IT Leader Forum will highlight key trends in information technology evolution and their opportunities for the business.

The forum agenda includes three consecutive discussion sessions with Russian and international IT, economics, and corporate governance experts. Market leaders will discuss the new workplace standards, the future prospects of IT departments, IT consumers' phobias and manias.

Organizers of the event are the Russian Managers Association, Itogi, CIO, and Intelligent Enterprise Magazines and CROC.

IT Leader Forum Agenda

"Global Industry Leaders' Vision of the Future"

Special guest's speech

Thomas Frey "What will future technology bring to business and economics: destruction, transformation or prosperity?"

Key points:

  • Imaginary life in 2020 & 2030
  • IT market evolution and its influence on all aspects of life, including business. Technologies of the future: causing global changes or facilitating change management?
  • New professions and collapse of existing economic industries
  • Workplace and office of the future will differ from what we have today
  • Individualization vs. globalization. Social networks, total surveillance, and unified databases all over the world: everyone's activities, purchases, contacts, etc. are logged
  • Russia's role in the world ahead

Session 1. Phobias and manias of IT consumers

  • Social networks: evil or what?
- Work time killers or contributors to company's success?
- Enterprise-wide social networks: for staff only?
- Business relations in social networks: forced socialization or "part of work"?
- Evolution vector: from social networks to singular networks?
- Total control and surveillance through social networks etc.: Is the devil so black as he is painted?
    • Cloud forecasts: Are there any prospects for cloud computing in Russia?
    - Reliable and secure data storing: a matter of time or confidence in service providers?
    - Self comes first? Private clouds vs. public clouds
      • What is outsourcing for CIO: heaven or hell?
      - Dependency on own IT department or IT service provider: what is the lesser evil for business executives?
      - Business process outsourcing: going beyond IT market

      Session 2. Workplace: looking into the future

      • New workplace standards: will they improve performance?
      - I can work virtually anywhere, even from the "cloud"
      - Bring Your Own Device: a new headache for security men or cutting workplace expenses?
      - Interactive display instead of desktop: just a toy or future standard?
        • How long will traditional office business centers survive?
        - Is Russia ready for green offices?
          • Robots: our servants or masters?
          - Not people but robots will perform routine and dangerous work. Will there be total unemployment or new "for-people-only" professions and better education?

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