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The IT Leader Forum: Recharge with Energy of Growth!

September 4, 2013

The 10th IT Leader Forum will be held on the special date of 10.10.2013. The forum's key theme is 'IT as a Source of Inspiration during Economic Uncertainty'. Representatives of the Russian and international companies, including those who started businesses during the crisis of 1998 and 2008, will discuss where to find untapped resources for business growth and employee motivation.

The first discussion session will be devoted to developing a corporate innovative strategy. Is it really necessary in the context of the market downturn? Should you wait for a window of opportunity as analysts suggest or follow your sixth sense and launch new services and businesses at your own risk? Will corporate foresight techniques help you reduce uncertainty and invest more cautiously in innovations? Is there a formula for success in choosing and evaluating technologies? How to efficiently control development and implementation of new technology?

During the second discussion session, experts will share opinions about the outlook for solutions which, according to analysts, re-charge and transform business. These include: big data, private clouds, IT outsourcing, mobile technology, as well as gamification services for employees.

"We're living in a period of great uncertainty. Many traditional business rules do not work any longer. For example, formalized strategies are clearly not as efficient as before. In my opinion, today it is impossible to accurately predict economic trends or the prospects of individual market players and their IT needs. Therefore, in these circumstances the key for an organization is to keep forecasting how the events will unfold one way or the other. This requires corporate foresight, innovative alliances and open business models. On the other hand, a universal solution to high uncertainty is greater flexibility of all of an organization's elements, including IT. I think that my opinion will be subjected to criticism by many of the forum participants as classical strategic IT planning philosophy is still strong in Russia. However, I will be happy to have an interesting discussion for both participants and attendees", says Yuri Zelenkov, IT Director of NPO Saturn and participant of the first discussion at the IT Leader Forum.

During the event, Yuri Zelenkov will formally present his new book 'The Art of Stepping on the Same Rakes. Strategic IT Management in an Uncertain Environment'. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to receive a signed copy of the book from the author!

The forum will be held at theDigital October Centerin Moscow, Russia.
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