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IT Legend at the IT Leader Forum Meet Steve Wozniak

October 4, 2013

Steve Wozniak, an outstanding engineer, IT developer and Apple co-founder, will open the IT Leader Forum on October 10, 2013. A man who once said that "the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do", will set the direction of the following discussion sessions.

The event will be moderated by Michael Berger, Director General of RUMEDIA holding (Business FM radio and portal). He will discuss with Steve Wozniak the ways of driving creativity and fostering entrepreneurial spirit in corporate culture and IT environment.

"How should innovation be done? Don’t look at the way something has always been done before. How is the best way to do it for the final users? It takes a lot of guts to do stand by that and usually it doesn't work well if youve got a committee deciding things. You aren't reading someone elses book telling you how to do things. You are writing the book yourself," says Steve Wozniak announcing his speech at the IT Leader Forum.

Steve Wozniak is a cult figure in the IT community, Doctor of Engineering, inventor of the first-generation Apple computers and developer of software for this worldwide renowned brand. Currently, Steve is a board member of several IT companies.

To learn more about the IT Leader Forum and register, please visit (in Russian)

Steve Wozniak's speech and two panel discussions will be broadcasted online on the date of the event. More details are available at

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