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IT Leader Forum Attendees to Discuss New Consumer Services

September 10, 2014
How to meet the need of consumers for speedier, higher-quality and more personalized servicing? What are the ways for obtaining efficient feedback from clients? Does it pay to use mobility as an additional source of revenue? Attendees will address these questions during the discussion on New Consumer Services at the 11th IT Leader Forum to be held on October 14, 2014.

The attendees will learn about how the companies represented at the Forum successfully used IT to reduce dependence on existing customers and attract new ones, launch innovative client services and gain competitive advantages.

Invited panelists: Yury Shekhovtsev, IT Director, Severstal; Pavlik Marian, IT Director, Volkswagen Group Rus; Yury Grozin, Head of Systems Integration Department, Eldorado; Dmitry Shatokhin, Head of Digital Communications Department, Get.Taxi; Kirill Bogdanov, Deputy Director General for IT, Aeroflot; and Sergey Gavrenkov, Head of Information Security Department, Transaero. The IT Leader Forum will be moderated by Maxim Kashulinsky, Director General at portal.

"We operate in a highly competitive retail market, and it is of paramount importance to distinguish our business from other financial organizations, have a continuously expanding and loyal client base and attract new solvent borrowers, especially now, when the weak economy is resulting in increased competition for clients with a good credit history. We aim to improve service quality and convenience and to offer innovative products on an individual basis. Last year, the bank ceased to use 'Iron Lady' IVR in its contact center, and now all callers can directly contact an agent without having to wait for long. This year, 50 innovative e-queue devices were installed at Home Credit Bank offices in 35 Russian cities. These devices recognize clients as soon as they come in and prepare an individual commercial proposal. In addition, we continue to develop distant internet and mobile banking services, the simplicity and convenience of which will attract new clients. Therefore, it is clear that IT specialists have much to do in the banking sector as even the launch of a new product line requires our intensive support," said Kirill Kibalko, Deputy Director for IT at Home Credit Bank and a speaker at the IT Leader Forum discussion.

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Ekaterina Drugova, PR Manager at the IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee
E-mail:, Tel.: +7495-514-06-02

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