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IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony

April 28, 2005

April 28, 2005: The Third Annual IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony was held at Tower 2000 City Hall in Moscow. The Expert Council announced the IT Leader Prize winners who have implemented prominent IT projects in 2004 that contributed to Russia’s becoming a leading IT country. IT Leader Prize 2005 winners include the CIOs of Russian government authorities and manufacturing enterprises, banking and finance institutions, telecommunications companies and other businesses.

IT Leader Prize organizers, including CROC incorporated, RosBusinessConsulting Group, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, Russian Managers Association, and Company Business Magazine awarded a crystal rhomb with silver ornamentation, a symbol of fresh ideas, clear intentions, and innovative initiatives, to the IT Leader Prize winners.

"The IT Leader Prize was awarded for the third time to CIOs and managers who shape the Russian IT industry," said Boris Bobrovnikov, Director General, CROC. "We will continue to make further efforts to contribute to the personal and public success of the Prize winners and to foster innovative social and economic trends in Russia."

"Growing interest in the IT Leader Prize indicates that today information technology and CIOs play a paramount role in attaining long-term business objectives in Russian companies," said Sergey Makedonsky, Chairman of the Expert Council, IT Consulting Director, Cominfo Consulting Company. "I am glad that now management better understands and uses information systems to produce and market the most advanced and competitive products and services, integrate with the global economy, and have an open dialogue with the public."

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