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IT Leader Business Trip to Beijing

May 23, 2005

The Business Trip to Beijing was held May 20-23, 2005 among the Third National IT Leader Prize participants. Almost 150 people participated in the event: CIOs from Russia's largest businesses and public institutions, representatives from major IT vendors, directors of analytic agencies, and representatives from industrial and business-oriented mass media.

The seminar on the role of information technology in the development of Russian businesses was devoted to IT implementations, the CIO's primary objectives, and the prospects of IT services outsourcing. Discussion involved Leonid Altukhov, Software Sales Director, IBM; Luc Brunet, General Manager for Russia and CIS, EMC; Dmitry Ivannikov, Regional Director for Russia, CIS, and Eastern Europe, Avaya; Sergey Moiseev, Marketing Director, Sun Microsystems; Fatiha Lafkar, Distribution Manager, Polycom.

The business trip also included Panel Sessions on the management and implementation of complex integration projects and the role of the IT department in business continuity maintenance.

The Business Trip to Beijing featured a visit to Zhongguancun High-Technology Park (which is often referred to as "China's Silicon Valley"). Zhongguancun Park is closely related to the Chinese intellectual resources concentrated in this Beijing district and is located in proximity to forty universities, including Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Thousands of new high-tech products are developed in this area annually. Today Zhongguancun Park occupies over 400 sq. km. According to the 2004 Beijing Statistical Yearbook, there are over 12,000 high-tech enterprises throughout Zhongguancun Park, with 489,000 employees. Chinese best practices are particularly interesting due to the Russian government's initiative on the development of high-tech parks in Russia. Zhongguancun Park has over a 60% share in China's manufacturing and high-tech development. It helps China's government attract venture capital from various countries. The companies operating within Zhongguancun Park enjoy tax privileges, employ local highly-qualified professionals, and use deployed service infrastructures.

The excursion to Zhongguancun High-Technology Park included a visit to the so-called ‘Incubator Building’ where high-tech start-up companies can get free premises to conduct research and business. Such facilities help engage students and graduates from Beijing universities toward innovative activities.

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