Annual National IT Leader Prize Welcomes New Applicants

The Annual National IT Leader Prize has started to accept applications in the new Digital Superstar special category. In 2018, the IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee will pay special attention to companies that have successfully digitalized processes, both internally and externally, for interacting with the market, customers, and partners. As usual, CROC is the prize co-organizer. The Prize winners—top managers of major Russian companies that improved business performance in 2017 through innovative projects—will be announced at the 16th Annual National IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony, to be held in Moscow on April 24, 2018.

Established in 2003, the Annual National IT Leader Prize draws attention to companies that effectively improved their processes and contributed to improving the quality of life of Russian citizens through the use of IT. In 2017, major companies completed more process digitalization projects since digitalization, electronic communication with consumers, and e-commerce significantly improve both the efficiency of business processes and the lives of those who use digital services.

CROC shares the values of the IT Leader Prize and has been the event’s co-organizer since 2003, together with the Russian Managers Association, iBusiness, iOne, and Kommersant.

This year, the IT Leader Prize launches a new Digital Superstar special category as an opportunity for companies to draw the attention of organizers and the general public to their digitalization achievements. Applications to participate in the Digital Superstar special category can be submitted by contestants themselves and will be accepted on March 1-27, 2018, via the IT Leader Prize official website.

Prize nominees in all categories will be announced on March 27, 2018. In the 20 regular categories, winners will be voted for online via the IT Leader website from March 27 to April 24, with all visitors to the site being free to evaluate each project and vote for the one they are most impressed by. As in previous years, nominee prerequisites are listed in the approved methodology, while Digital Superstar nominees will be determined by the IT Leader Prize Expert Council.

On April 24, at the 16th Award Ceremony, the prize winners—key market players from various sectors and major companies in the Russian economy—will be awarded for the best implementations of innovative technologies over the past year. No doubt, many of these projects will involve digitalization. Companies that boosted performance and found new and better ways to interact digitally with customers and partners, or those that harnessed digitalization to create a new business, will compete in the Digital Superstar special category.

"Last year, ‘digitalization’ became one of the hottest topics not only in the IT domain and industry-specific markets, but also among the general public. This explosion in interest shows that we are not just standing on the verge of a global digital transformation, but already actively participating in it. The IT Leader Prize embraces this trend and contributes to the creation of the digital economy in Russia. As a result, the introduction of the new Digital Superstar category represents one more step towards the completion of the IT Leader mission of supporting and developing information and digital business technologies throughout our country," said Sergey Makedonsky, IT Leader Prize Expert Council Chairman.

One of the key IT awards in Russia, the Annual National IT Leader Prize has been awarded during the last 16 years to more than a thousand top managers of major Russian companies in various industries.

About the IT Leader Prize

The Annual National IT Leader Prize was established in 2003. The Organizing Committee includes the Russian Managers Association, iBusiness web portal, Dengi and iOne magazines (Kommersant Publishing House), and CROC.

In past years, information partners included Business FM radio station, Analytical Banking Magazine, and the Systems Administrator and BIT. Business & Information Technology magazines. Information TV Partner is the World Business Channel. Finally, online partners are the Comnews, ICT-online, IT Manager, CRN, CTA (Contemporary Technologies in Automation), National Banking Journal, and Global CIO magazines.