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IT Leaders Are Modeling the Future Together

October 15, 2015

The twelfth annual IT Leader Forum has been held in Moscow. This year, the Forum's key topic was ‘Modeling the Future.’ Participants discussed advanced information modeling technologies such as Big Data, BI, Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, as well as the transition to hybrid IT infrastructures. Approximately 300 guests attended the event, including executives, IT Directors, and CIOs of major Russian companies, as well as leading Russian and foreign IT experts. The event was broadcasted live by Business FM radio.

The Forum was moderated by Nikolay Turubar, Editor-in-Chief at, and opened by special guest Josep Curto, CEO at Delfos Research and professor at IE Business School Madrid, which is ranked by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes as being among the top three business schools in Europe. Following modern trends, IE Business School Madrid has recently launched an MBA course in Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data. Mr. Curto told attendees about Big Data project planning and preparation and shared Big Data use cases in a variety of industries. According to him, companies have realized at last that they can solve many of their business issues using the huge data volumes they have already accumulated. "All we have to do is learn how to analyze such volumes properly in real time. I believe that, in the short term, many Russian companies will be able to become more competitive using Big Data. Moreover, the technology has matured to the extent that it practically gave life to new applied technologies, each of which will have its own lifecycle. Some, such as agile BI, are already in demand on the market while others, such as machine learning, are still in an early stage of development."

The Forum's case study session featured Andrey Garanichev, Project Head of Project Office at Central Suburban Passenger Company, who told the attendees how the analysis of data on train timetable compliance, train occupancy rates, and ticket machine operability helps ensure passenger safety and improve the quality of railway transportation between Moscow and towns in the Moscow Region. In order to collect necessary information, Central Suburban Passenger Company established a situation center based on various solutions, including Business Intelligence and Big Data. In addition, Mr. Garanichev gave several examples of how accumulated statistics help executives make management decisions and improve business efficiency. "More than 1.6 million people use our services on a daily basis; therefore, we need to be able to 'predict the future,' analyze, and respond to a large number of messages—from passenger applications to information about changes in train timetables. In these circumstances, we can't do without Information Modeling," said Andrey Garanichev. It's worth noting that Central Suburban Passenger Company accounts for over 80% of suburban rail traffic across the Moscow Railway Hub and 60% for Russia as a whole.

Alexander Mikoyan, Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Russia, told the audience that businesses now expect IT to allow for constant and quick change in order to boost revenue, with IT infrastructure creation approaches thus undergoing significant changes. "In this new world, IT infrastructure plays a more important role than ever and it is vital to develop a brand new type of infrastructure. Today, the simultaneous acceleration and diminishing cost of new IT-based business service delivery is a real challenge for CIOs. The only effective way is to adopt a "Model of the Future" by creating a flexible hybrid IT infrastructure which supports clouds of any type, thus resulting in a hybrid landscape that can host applications developed using old methodologies, today's applications powered by new cloud technology and those to be created tomorrow," said Mr. Mikoyan.

A pleasant surprise was the first speech in the 12-year history of the Forum by a construction industry representative. Artem Chukin, Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan, told attendees about the construction of regional roads using IT and the implementation of BIM technology in Tatarstan. "Today, there are many transport infrastructure construction and operation requirements, with centralized control over all work performance being a top priority. Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology speeds up the design and construction stages, streamlines transport site maintenance, and helps us improve regional infrastructure development," said Artem Chukin, Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The last case of the Forum was devoted to logistics cost optimization using IT. Maxim Andreev, Business Applications Director, CROC, shared a case study on how CV Protek, a major distributor of pharmaceuticals in Russia, benefited from information modeling technologies in demand forecasting and supply planning. With 20,000 customers, 50,000 consignees, and warehouses throughout Russia covering a total floor area of 160,000 square meters, CV Protek manages all its supplies via a unified information system, thus accelerating future sales forecasting, approval of procurement plans for 16,000 SKUs, and stock turnover, while maintaining existing service levels.

The organizers of the IT Leader Forum were the Russian Managers Association, ibusiness portal, iOne, Kommersant Dengi, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, and CROC. The partner of the discussion was HP while partners of the Forum were Polycom, Huawei, NetApp, and Kaspersky Lab.

Once again, the general information partner was Business FM radio, while the general Internet partner was The Forums information partners were Systems Administrator, BIT. Business & Information Technology, BOSS, and Mobile Telecommunications magazines, Banking Review monthly business magazine, and TelecomDaily information and analytics agency.

Finally, the online partners of the Forum were, Business Magazine, PC Week, CRN,, IT Manager and CTA (Contemporary Technologies in Automation) magazines.

Alexandra Krishtopa, PR Manager at the IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee,, tel.: +7495-514-06-02.

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