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IT Leader Announces Nominees for its Annual Awards

March 28, 2016

The IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee has unveiled the nominees for the annual national award in information technology based on performance in 2015. The winners within 21 regular categories will be selected via open online voting and then announced on April 21, 2016, at the IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony.

The IT Leader is an annual national award for organizations and CIOs who have directly contributed to the promotion of innovative information technology in Russia. Traditionally, the Organizing Committee nominates the best IT projects implemented over the last year in various economic segments.

"We have looked through the list of nominees and discovered that the majority of the 2015 IT projects dealt with the upgrading of existing IT systems, including integration solutions. In addition, we have seen more import substitution projects, with many companies adopting products offered by domestic, Asian, and open source software vendors. According to an industry breakdown analysis, the manufacturing and retail sectors have become significantly more active," said Sergey Makedonsky, Chairman of the IT Leader Prize Expert Council.

The IT Leader Prize winners will be selected online. From March 28 to April 21, any adult Internet user may judge the relevance and scale of nominated projects and, together with nominees, see the choice made by the members of the Prize Expert Council, which consists of the most competent representatives of leading global IT and consulting companies and reputable mass media outlets. In the case of an equally divided vote for certain nominees, the Expert Council will have the deciding vote.

The IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony will be held on April 21 to announce voting results and the winners and will bring together the CEOs of flagship Russian companies, representatives of international vendors, and notable media personalities.

The Annual National IT Leader Prize was established in 2002 and has thus far been awarded to over 250 IT directors and CIOs of Russias largest businesses and key government authorities.

The Organizing Committee includes the Russian Managers Association, iBusiness web portal, Dengi and iOne magazines (Kommersant Publishing House), Intelligent Enterprise, and CROC.

The IT Leader Prize Advisory Council consists of 4CIO.Ru club, Saint Petersburg SPb CIO club, URAL CIO club, and the Central Federal District ya-IT-y CIO Club.

PRP Group is the Public Coordinator.

Business FM radio station is the General Information Partner.

For any enquiries, please contact the IT Leader Organizing Committee:
Phone: (495) 514-0602

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